Our Mission

At TST Industries, it is our mission to increase the level of enjoyment sportbike enthusiasts have with their machines. Plain and simple.

Our ValuesBart Rogowski - Founder

There are certain ideas we find important, and we live by these every day:

  • Exude Passion
  • Go Beyond Expectation
  • Create the Impossible
  • Be Different to be Better
  • Deliver Experiences
  • Build Relationships through Honesty, Authenticity, and Transparency
  • Make and Keep Promises
  • Be Responsible for Your Choices
  • Explore Your Interests

​Our Beliefs

“We believe…

  • the status quo can be consistently elevated to new levels.” 
  • in pushing the boundary of design and experience.”
  • passion is the greatest fuel for performance.”
  • the greatest experiences are those we share with others”

Design without Bounds

Most aftermarket and OEM companies in the motorcycle parts sector seem to follow patterns set somewhere in the past. They want to stick to the same scheme as if they were stuck in a box of “how things are done”.

Founded in 2007, TST Industries is dedicated to stepping outside that box. We use our passion and the voice of our customers to catapult creativity to new levels. We are in the pursuit of providing new experiences to those who love the world of riding.

For Riders, by Riders

We love motorcycles and the community around them.

We are a small team of enthusiasts that wish to share our passion and love of motorcycles – and hopefully make the industry a little more exciting to be a part of.