Bridgestone Battlax RS10 Racing Street Hypersport Front

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    In terms of construction, the Bridgestone Battlax RS10 has been revised to upgrade cornering, add stability and provide a smoother ride. The front tire’s mono-spiral belt is made with stiffer steel which improves the rigidity of the tread area. The rear tire also has a softer sidewall construction for a smoother ride and is 650 grams lighter than the RS10 predecessor (BT003 Racing Street), which reduces the gyro effect, making leans easier in corners. From compound side the rear tire adopts a cap and base layer compound in order to reinforce the stiffness of the tread. Higher levels of grip over a wider temperature range are added by the use of a newly-developed compound based on Bridgestone’s acclaimed VO2 racing slick tire derivate from MotoGP™ acknowledgements, providing riders with superior handling and line-tracing precision. The RS10 profile was also revised, giving the tire a larger contact area in mid to high-angle leans, producing better grip. This improvement gives the rider a more confident feeling through corners.

  • High-performance sport radials optimized for high-grip and handling performance on dry surfaces.
  • Bridgestone’s MotoGP™ development analysis was used to determine the placement of new 3-D tread grooves to improve stability, grip and handling by optimizing block stiffness.
  • Specially formulated rubber compounds front and rear offer sure grip as well as increased durability.
  • Front tire uses a Mono-Spiral Belt constructed with stiffer steel to enhance rigidity of the tread area for upgraded response and stability.
  • Rear profile enables a larger contact patch for improved grip in mid to high lean angles.
  • Cap and base on rear tire adds tread stiffness for stability when braking and accelerating.
  • Rear tire has softer sidewall construction incorporated for better damping to improve handling.

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