Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI

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      Use the Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 psi when you positively need accurate pressure to keep tires working at their peak performance.


      It’s just another pressure gauge right? Not really. The Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge reads pressure so well you’d be hard pressed to find a gauge that’s as simple, reliable, and precise. How precise? The gauge accurately reads within 0.6 of a psi and the digital readout displays accuracy to 0.1 psi. That’s so precise you can be confident your tires are at the perfect pressure for hard dirt, soft sand, or anything in between. Does it read reliably? Yep. Motion Pro built this gauge with a billet aluminum body along with an anti-shock rubber boot around the outside. An auto-off function works alongside the battery strength indicator to help you get continuous readings in one of the four selectable scales (PSI, BAR, KG-CM2, kPa). With the strong body and reliable internal components you can bet the Digital Tire Pressure Gauge will keep providing continuous readings and easy adjustment for as long as you need it to.



  • High precision accuracy to 0.6 psi
  • Precision digital readout to 0.1 psi
  • Continuous pressure reading, no need to reset when activating bleed valve
  • Four selectable scales (PSI, BAR, KG-CM2, kPa)
  • Large easy to read display with back light for low light applications
  • Billet aluminum trapezoid body
  • High flow push button bleeder valve for precise pressure adjustment
  • 18″ long high pressure hose with dual swivels and brass ball type air chuck
  • Rubber anti-shock protective boot
  • Battery powered (1000 tests) with battery strength indicator
  • Auto-off function extends battery life
  • Battery included
  • One year limited warranty from manufacturer


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